Your Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist

The ultimate moving supplies checklist for your move!

Your Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist

Moving and packing are two back-to-back tasks that are never easy. But with the right moving supplies, it can be a lot less difficult for you.

However, tracking down things such as packing materials, boxes, and cardboard to fulfil your moving needs may take more time than you could imagine. Thus, we have created a comprehensive moving supplies checklist to ensure you don’t miss out on the important stuff you need to take with you as you venture into a new location.

Let’s start with the basics – the supplies you need before moving day.

While it seems easy to accumulate free boxes over time, it’s important to remember that not all boxes are created equal. They exist in different sizes and possess different levels of strength and sturdiness. You would want a variety of these to accommodate your items that also come in different sizes. For example, you can match heavy items such as books in smaller boxes, while clothing and other lighter stuff can go with medium and larger boxes.

You’d probably need specialty boxes as well, perfect for delicate and expensive items like TV and dish sets.

You wouldn’t want to just throw your stuff in your boxes, would you? You need some extra layer of protection so it’s important to use foam wrap sheets to protect your fragile things. For larger or oddly shaped items that are breakable, bubble wrap works perfectly. Now if you’re on a super tight budget, you can make do with newspaper and mailer sheets. They work well although not as efficient compared to proper packing supplies. It’s best not to use these on very delicate items.

Packing Tape
Make sure to stock up on loads of packing tape – you need it more than you think! Also, if you’re tempted to get the cheapest one available, think again. The cheap tape material is too thin and doesn’t stick well so try your best to stick to known brands. Add a tape gun to make dispensing easy.

Color coding your boxes is a huge help when moving larger households, so you should add labels and colored stickers to keep your boxes on track. We all have different methods when it comes to labeling, so do whatever labeling system works for you best. Make sure to label your boxes on all sides.

Other packing supplies you need
- Scissors – they’ll be the first tool you’ll need to cut tape, open boxes, and cut labels.
- Utility knives – they’re a real timesaver as they cut boxes like butter! - They’re also great for cutting zip ties that your scissors can’t handle.
- Trash bags – expect a ton of trash when moving. They’re also a great substitute in case you run out of boxes.
Marker – you’ll need this for labeling!

Pro tip: To avoid misplacing these moving supplies, make sure to keep them in a clear, single box. Always put them down in the same place and pack one room at a time.

Moving Furniture and Appliances
- Check out these supplies when moving items such as furniture and appliances.
- Furniture pads and covers – good for protecting your furniture and big pieces
- Tool Set – there might be a need for you to dismantle some of your furniture, so make sure your toolset is always within reach.
Moving blankets – you can use them as a cover or help you pull heavy items across the floor

Cleaning Supplies
- Buckets – they will be handy once you start your deep cleaning
- Broom – you’ll need this to clean your old and new place

Other supplies
- Padlocks – remember that your possessions will be out of your sight while moving so it’s helpful to keep them secure.
- Gloves – Also use work gloves when handling your stuff so you don’t get injured.

While moving is not easy, it’s much more bearable when you come prepared – financially and mentally. Make sure you get the items listed above before your big move and keep an inventory list so you don’t lose some of your belongings during the process. Also, it’s highly recommended to rent a cheap storage unit as you transition into your new home to keep your things more manageable. If your move is only temporary, then get a cheap storage unit to store some of your stuff, it will be a lot more helpful!