Top Tips to Organize and Declutter While You're at Home

Organization and Decluttering Tips While You're at Home

Top Tips to Organize and Declutter While You're at Home

With statewide lockdowns in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus, most of us are stuck at home. We know what this means - messy living rooms, piles of laundry, and a table stacked with dirty dishes!

On a second note, keeping our space clean and organized while we're at home should be a priority simply because more mess equals more stress. Being stuck at home for days on end is an opportunity to redefine our routines and choices which includes making the most of our time and the situation by tackling a small organization project one day at a time.

From managing your mail to clearing out your junk drawer, here are some storage tips and decluttering ideas for keeping organized while social distancing.

The Golden Rule
When it comes to home organization, giving those items a home is a rule to live by. Your keys should go on a hook or in a dish by the door so you'll know exactly that they can only be in one place when you have to look for them. The same thing goes if you have multiple pairs of eyeglasses, you should give each pair a home in each room or if you don't want to carry your shoes upstairs to your bedroom closet, then make sure to place them downstairs or by the entryway.

Your Pantry
Take an hour or two and go through your pantry, clearing out and tossing expired food shelf-by-shelf. Group foods to locate them easily. Dedicate one shelf for canned goods and another one for pasta and baking products. To maximize space, you can use a Lazy Susan or an indoor hanger for your spices. This is a great way to utilize your pantry room for bulk supplies and food items you may have bought to feed yourself while stuck at home.

Your Bathroom Cabinet
First, take everything out of your medicine cabinet and get rid of the items you no longer need. To create more space, you can transfer certain items to other storage options and make sure to clean the shelves and organize your toiletries and cosmetic products. Group other items like tweezers and razors for easy access.

Junk Drawer
All those years you've been telling yourself that you're going to clean out that junk drawer, alas, you now have ample time!
Be ruthless and take everything out of the drawer, tossing away anything you don’t need. Sort all those items and decide on which to recycle, reuse, or donate.

Under the Sink
It's easy to accumulate a lot of things, particularly in this area. Empty dish soap bottles, a ton of cleaning products, and that old pairs of rubber gloves could be sitting right under the sink for ages. If you're looking for decluttering tips, you should not skip this part. It’s time to gross yourself out, taking every item outside, and finally, get that space clean and organized. For a neater look, use those cleaning products organizers and under-sink shelving.

Manage your Mail
It doesn't matter whether it's a bowl or a basket, you need to find a vessel to manage your mail. Don't leave it on a counter nor cherry-pick the fun stuff leaving the rest for later. Pick one day a week to go through all your mails and stick to that routine.

Don't Forget the Closet
You don't have to spend the entire day tackling a closet but you can do a little at a time. For instance, you can go through and pull the clothes and other items to donate today then tomorrow you can organize the shelf or the shoe organizer. Spend at least 15 minutes on each task every day and see the difference. It will have your closet organized before you even know it.

We need to avoid all the unnecessary stress caused by a messy living space now more than ever. When you're battling boredom and have nothing to do - declutter. Store items in their proper place, tackling small organizing project one day at a time.

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