Tips for Proper Boat Preparations Before Storage

Boat Storage Tips

Tips for Proper Boat Preparations Before Storage

It’s no doubt that owning a boat is both an exciting and challenging experience. Summer months become the most anticipated time as you are about to make the most wonderful memories with your precious vessel. However, owning a boat is not all about fun! It comes with a set of responsibilities, too!

One of the things you need to keep in mind as a boat owner is proper boat storage. Not only does it help your boat retain its value, but it’s also needed to keep your boat’s appearance and performance as good as ever. Just like a loved pet, you need to understand what your boat needs for it to run smoothly. This includes proper maintenance, repairs, and as mentioned – boat storage!

Here are some storage tips that will help keep your boat in its pristine condition as it ages.

Tip #1: Choose a good self storage facility

If you don’t have indoor storage, keeping your boat on the water or outdoors might seem like a tempting thing to do. It may sound cheap but choosing that path presents more problems than you would expect. A less controlled environment can be more challenging than opting to store in a self storage facility.

Storing a boat in a facility protects it from sinking through the waters, getting damaged by outside elements, or being stolen by thieves. Once you decide to entrust your boat into a facility, you need to choose what type of storage will work for your vessel best. You can either choose indoor storage, outdoor, drive-up, or dry stack storage, which all vary in size, price, function, and availability. Talk to a facility manager to help you weigh out your options and achieve the best decision for your boat storage.

The journey doesn’t end there though. Before securing your boat to a self storage facility, you need to complete a few more things to get it ready for storage.

Tip #2: Make the necessary repairs

Take it out on the water for one last time and take note of damages and repairs that need to be done. Listen to the motor and perform maintenance if necessary.

You may want to start with disconnecting the battery and filling up the gas tank. Change the oil, and replace the anti-freeze. In addition, remove or loosen the belts and grease the steering and control joints. This would protect the drive belts as well as the steering and control mechanisms.

Tip #3: Clean the interior and exterior

It is normal for boats to accumulate algae, grime, and other water elements during the summer season. You need to remove these substances before storage. This will prevent further damages that they could cause as the boat ages.

The interior is as important as the exterior too! It is what deserves your most attention. Make sure to purchase cleaning products that are suitable for your vessel and don’t forget to include your compartments and storage components. Make sure nothing is left behind.

Tip #4: Dry your boat

Once your boat is sparkling clean, dry both the interior and exterior of your boat. This will help prevent molds from growing throughout the storage.

Tip #5: Wax your boat

Sounds fancy, isn’t it? But it isn’t just for looking fancy! Waxing helps in preventing rust and corrosion while your boat is in the hands of your chosen facility. Don’t forget to clean the boat properly before proceeding to wax, and only apply proper boat waxing products. Apply it in a steady circular motion and before it dries, make sure to buff the wax either by using a power buffer or just by doing it manually.

Tip #6: Cover your boat
This is the icing on top! Once the above storage tips have been taken care of, it’s time to cover your boat to ensure that extra protection it deserves. You wouldn’t want too many bags of dust on your precious buddy, would you?

Here’s an extra tip: always keep your boat’s manual handy to confirm additional needs that your boat might have. Don’t hesitate to call a professional if you need more help in prepping your boat for storage. With all these tips in mind, you’re sure to have an exciting time with your favorite summer companion for the longest time possible!