Running an Ecommerce Business? Here’s Why Renting a Storage Unit is a Must!

Here's why renting a self storage unit is a must when running an e-commerce business!

Running an Ecommerce Business? Here’s Why Renting a Storage Unit is a Must!

Establishing and managing your own e-commerce business is both a cost-effective and challenging venture to take. With more people leaning towards online shopping for the sake of convenience, there is no other perfect time to set up your eCommerce store than now. You could be selling pet products, clothing, accessories, art, and many more – the options are endless!

But the question is, do you have enough stock to fulfill your orders? And where would you keep them?
If you don’t want your home to be flooded with products, then you need to consider proper storage. However, if you don’t have the budget to build a warehouse for your business, then it might be smart to look for affordable storage packages in self storage facilities. They do wonders!

If you’re still in doubt about whether renting a self storage unit is beneficial for you, then these reasons will help you understand why it’s a big advantage for your eCommerce business.

Work-Life Separation
As they say, it’s important to keep a work-life balance for your wellbeing. What would you feel if you have tons of stock in your bedroom, living area, or even garage? Wouldn’t the sight of a mountain of products stress you out on weekends and holidays? Sharing space with your inventory is definitely not an ideal way to handle your business. Putting your work items in the right places gives you a sense of relief and comfort knowing that your home is your happy place for relaxation – and NOT for work.

Storing Stock and Inventory
Renting a self storage unit helps you manage your stock and products effectively. Not only does it provide you with extra, clean space for your inventory, it also helps you organize your business items in one place. It will be easier to track your receipts, taxes, shipping papers, and whatnot if you have a storage unit to depend on. Plus, you get to limit the clutter in your home. No mess, no misplacements, and no headache!

Signing up for a unit is pretty easy and convenient, and you get the perks that come with it too! Most facilities offer affordable storage and they have amenities that you may not find in your property. Security and surveillance are definitely the most important of them all. Facilities are well-guarded and equipped with security cameras all over the place, giving you the peace you need when it comes to keeping your products safe – they’re worth a lot after all!

For extra sensitive items, you also get the chance to choose temperature-controlled units as facilities do have different types of units that will cater to the needs of your products. Some facilities even offer complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi access, as well as moving assistance when you need to move your products in bulk. What’s great is that you can purchase tools and packaging items from the same facility so it’s convenient for you when it’s time to move in/out.

What to Remember When Storing Products in a Self Storage Unit

Although things seem pretty easy for an ecommerce store owner to just load products and stock to a self storage unit, there are rules to follow. You need to check with the facility on what’s okay and what’s not okay in terms of storing your goods. Some facilities allow workshop operations while others only allow storage. Discuss your plans with the facility manager to ensure the entire process is smooth and adherent to their rules.

There are regulations on what types of businesses are allowed to be run from a self storage unit. Others may require storage insurance and business insurance to cover your inventory and liabilities. This may sound overwhelming but it’s definitely easy as long as you ask assistance from the right people.

Check out the nearest Arcos facility in your area and talk to one of our facility managers to understand the ins and outs of inventory storage for your eCommerce business. We’re here to assist you and partner with you as you grow your store at your own pace and take your business to the next level.