Going Away Presents - Goodbye Gift Ideas for Friends Moving Away

Going Away Gift Ideas for Friends Moving Away

Going Away Presents - Goodbye Gift Ideas for Friends Moving Away

Like most people, we hate goodbyes. It's never easy to bid farewell to someone you care about knowing that no matter how much you try to keep in touch, things will never be the same again. But unfortunately, friends and family moving away is a sad reality for all of us. It’s something we get to experience at some point and although difficult, we need to acknowledge that change and take it in a positive way.

One of the best ways to show your support is to send your favorite person off with the perfect going away gift to cheer them up. These gifts need not be extravagant but something both sentimental and useful - something to remind them that you will always be there for them.

Looking for going away present for a dear friend? Let's take the guesswork out of gifting with these thoughtful gifts ideas that can really make a difference when it's time for them to leave.

A Gift Card
Gift cards may sound like a standard gift, yet they are very practical. It allows you to buy your friend an experience they will enjoy or an item they need while exactly leaving the choice up to them. For someone who is moving to a new house, a gift card from a home improvement store is a very thoughtful way to help them shop for new household items like curtains, rugs, and/or cleaning supplies. Another option would be a gift card for a good restaurant in their new city. It will not just give your pal a chance to visit a good restaurant in the area, it will also remind your friend to eat while dealing with post-relocation tasks and unpacking. A gift card for any activity or experience in the new city is also a great present for a friend moving out of town. It is a good way to help him get to know the place and adjust to their new life. Of course, an airplane gift card is another thoughtful moving away gift. It will be a sweet reminder to your friend to come and visit you soon while providing the means to do just so.

Meal Delivery Kit
Unpacking after a move can be exhausting, let alone getting into the kitchen to cook a decent meal. Save your pal from stress and for having to order takeouts by signing them up for a few weeks of a healthy meal kit service. This sweet gesture can save your friend some time to send you a text update or better yet, a picture of them having a great meal.

Local Delicacies
Missing someone is a terrible thing and so as missing something. What more if it's your favorite food? Help your friend or a family member have a taste of home by stocking up on some local delicacies and non-perishable treats for them. Coffee grinds, dried fruits, nuts or whatever it is that can provide them comfort and a sense of familiarity when everything else seems so new.

Cleaning Service
Make the moving process a lot easier for your friend by availing a cleaning service at your friend's old home. Hiring a local cleaning service to take care of the job will save your pal a lot of sweat, hard work, and some extra time together before your part ways.

Box of Dated Letters
If you're a little sentimental and would like to pass the bug to your friend, a box of dated letters would be a great idea. Write twelve letters and put them in a box with each enveloped having the date the letter can be opened, spreading them out for a year. Don't forget to note the happy moments you've shared including the little things you'll miss now that they're not going to be around anymore. Like a warm hug from back home, those letters will be so special and comforting every time they get waves of missing you.

A Portable Wifi Device
The whole process of moving and settling back into a routine can be so stressful. Help your friend avoid the stressors like getting the Wi-Fi set up as soon as possible. With a portable Wi-Fi device, fill in the gap between moving day and Internet set-up day allowing your friend to stay connected without having to camp out in a bar or coffee shop.

An affordable self-storage unit
The moving day is a great time to go through your stuff. Perhaps a friend is looking to downsize his/her belongings and paying for a temporary mini self-storage unit will give your friend peace of mind. Help them sort out what they need or don't while ensuring those belongings will be safe and secure until they're fully settled – your friend will highly appreciate it.

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