A Complete Guide to Disc Locks – Everything You Need to Know

A Guide to Disc Locks (Why are they important?)

A Complete Guide to Disc Locks – Everything You Need to Know

Already got a storage unit for your extra belongings? Congratulations! You are one step ahead towards a clutter-free life. Now the next thing to consider is choosing the right lock for your self storage unit. Remember that even though you’ve got yourself a secure storage facility to accommodate your security needs, it helps to be extra mindful about protecting your properties against theft.
First, let’s try to identify the different types of locks and which one fits your unit best.

Keyless locks
From the name itself – yes – it comes without keys! This type of lock is usually networked and powered by a digital system that requires a number code or combination. This is usually common these days, from gyms to residences, and some self storage facilities have started to adapt to this technology as well!
Keyless locks are pretty convenient as you’re free to provide access to others without actually handing the keys and you won’t even need to keep track of your own key! However, this type of lock can be a hassle in terms of technicality. For instance, electricity-powered locks can’t function when the power goes out.

Oh yes – the good old days of padlocks! Sad to say, it’s not a typical choice for a self storage unit. It may sound like a great choice for secure storage, but they are actually almost easily re-keyed and picked by burglars.

Disc Locks
Disc locks are the industry standard when it comes to keeping your storage units secure. They are specifically made for self storage. Why? For a number of reasons!
● They can’t be removed by bolt cutters as the hasp is not easily accessible
● They can’t be broken apart easily – not even by a hammer.
● Attempting to pick them takes time and makes a lot of noise – perfect to alarm the facility’s staff!

So what’s in a disc lock that makes it inarguably the best in the field?

A disc lock has a round shackle pattern that is built in a way that is difficult to tamper. Also, it’s always waterproof and stainless so using it in both your outdoor and indoor units is a relief. Even if it gets soaked from the rain, it won’t get rusty.
If a level 2 thief still tries to pick the lock, they’re in bad luck. This type of lock carries as many pins as needed, therefore making it even more difficult for criminals to pick.

What if you decide to cut the disc lock (of your own self storage unit of course!) for some reason?
Well, it may be possible. But bear in mind it’s going to take some real effort. If you decide to deal with it using a bolt cutter or a hammer, these suggestions might help:

● Use a bolt cutter that is at least 2 feet in length. The lengthier, the better.
● Get yourself in a comfortable position. Catch the shackle tightly with the blades and then crunch the grips so firmly until the shackle gets cut.
● The strength of this lock comes in the pins. So if you try to displace any of them using a hammer, then you’re good. Try to hit the areas where the pins are. Hit them strategically and forcefully.
If the above tips don’t work, seek professional help. You can always get the staff of your facility to assist you.

Based on the above features, it is safe to say that disc locks fit the bill perfectly! It’s the most secure choice for your self storage unit and there’s plenty of them in the facility too. In fact, some insurance companies offer added benefits if you secure your unit with this type of lock.
So if you need a lock that is 100% safe to use and is built to protect your belongings in the best way possible, then choosing a disc lock for your unit is best.

At Arcos storage, we have plenty of disc locks available in all of our facilities so securing your unit is easy as pie. You can always ask for assistance from our facility managers or staff to guide you through the process. If you need any additional help, you can call us at 800-789-STOR or send us a message through our contact channel on this website.