8 Uses for Your Self Storage Unit

Creative Uses for Your Self Storage Unit

8 Uses for Your Self Storage Unit

Your house and property continue to evolve as time passes by and through these changes, it would be inevitable and impossible to not accumulate things along the way. This makes space an ever-growing need, in fact, it is becoming quite a challenge for homeowners.

Do you need to make room for more space in your home? Self-storage has become increasingly popular for families and businesses alike considering the advantages they bring. We love how versatile a self-storage unit can get when it comes to providing you with storage solutions. This box-like space can practically be anything from storing your clutter to your boat, to your tools and machinery.

Seasonal Decor
Most of us like to decorate our homes depending on the season or holiday and a self-storage unit is a great storage alternative to consider. You can keep the Christmas Tree and the wreaths in your attic, sure, but let’s face it, you need to consider some factors in your home to ensure those items stay in their tip-top condition such as lightning and humidity. You do not want to risk damage from molds and moisture and a smart way to avoid this is to take advantage of a storage unit. Most storage facilities offer climate-controlled units so you can be sure that the things you store in there are kept dry, safe, and ready for the next holiday.

Sports Equipment
If you’re into sports and have your own bulky sporting equipment such as scuba gear, kayak, of golf clubs lying around in your basement or garage, then it’s high time to move them out into an affordable self-storage unit. Look for a storage provider that offers a good variety of storage unit sizes so you can choose how much space you need for keeping your stuff. This is so ideal especially because you can access your unit anytime you want, and day you prefer without extra charges.

Luggage bags are among the most tricky items to store, well, unless you travel often. They are bulky and would take up so much space and because of their big surface, they are quick to gather dust. Instead of keeping your luggage under your bed or closets, move and store these bags in a self-storage unit and instantly free up valuable space at home.

Baby Gear
Playpens, cribs, jumpers, strollers, high chairs, and the likes can take up so much space in your house. If you are planning to expand the family and would like to keep these items safe for next use, it would be better to move these into a self-storage facility in the meantime. These seldom-used items when stored properly in a self-storage unit can help you maximize the space that you have at home. Just think about the area you can reclaim and how you can transform it into a more functional space like a home office or a mini-library.

Costumes and seasonal wear
Free up space in your closet by storing seldom-used party dresses, bulky winter wear, and costumes in an affordable self-storage unit. You can also use racks and shelves to organize these seasonal clothes and accessories by season or category.

Papers and documents
Small business owners know the benefits of having a clean and tidy workspace. A self-storage unit is a perfect option to store your papers and tax documents off-site, thus helping you save valuable office space.

Wines and Spirits
Are you a wine collector? Our San Bruno Storage boasts one of the best wine storage options in California for it is our mission to protect and store your wine like liquid gold. And again, you can access your wine storage unit that is safe and clean anytime, any day without hassle.

Boat and Recreational Vehicles
A climate-controlled self-storage unit is a perfect choice to store your camper van, trailer, or boat when it’s not in use freeing up more space at home.

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