7 Ways to use Cardboard When Moving

7 Uses of Cardboard When Moving

7 Ways to use Cardboard When Moving

Is moving day coming fast? While everyone's moving experience will be different, there are several essential things you should have easy access to for you to ensure a lot less painful moving day experience. Near the top of your list should be the ever-humble yet versatile cardboard boxes.

Fairly inexpensive and easily stored for future use, cardboard boxes are often taken for granted. It may not be your number one choice when considering long-term secure storage knowing that some moving and storage companies can also provide you with professional-grade packing supplies, but make no mistake about it though. There are seven good reasons why you need to keep them in handy and take advantage of their many uses.

What is so great about cardboard boxes?

1. It is cheap. What's even better is that you should be able to get a hold of all the cardboard boxes you may ever need for free. Make sure you have enough time to check if there are any free moving boxes available in your area. Of course, you want to keep your stuff safe, so only get the boxes that are clean and in good condition.
2. Unlike other packing materials like plastic bins and bubble wrap, cardboard is practically everywhere, so it will not be so hard to get your hands on it as much as you need.
3. It is versatile. Cardboard boxes have so many practical applications during your moving day. Let's take a look at some of them below:

Use cardboard for self-storage
Moving to a new home is indeed a gigantic task. You don't have to take all your stuff with you though. This is where short term self-storage comes in handy. Decide on which stuff to take with you from those you don't need to - storing the latter using cardboard boxes. Again, they're inexpensive, light, and easy to stack and label and can be easily recycled for future use. Be careful though when choosing cardboard boxes for storage. You may want to opt for plastic bins if you intend to store your belongings for a longer period because cardboard boxes are more susceptible to damage from certain conditions like heat and humidity.

You’d be glad to know that some moving and storage companies can provide you with professional-grade packing supplies that give complete safety to your items. On the other hand, when looking for a self-storage facility that you can trust, start by looking at the best self-storage providers in your area. There’s a reason why these companies have grown over time such as the good service they provide, the reliable storage options, reasonable rates, and great reviews from their tenants — factors that keep a business strong and trusted through the years. Choosing the right self-storage unit for your needs need not be complicated. Here’s a handy list of the best self-storage companies in San Francisco so that, when looking for a reliable storage unit, you know where to look at first.

Protect walls using cardboard
Whether you're moving large furniture out of the home or taking in heavy appliances inside your new home, using cardboard is a great way to protect walls, wall corners, doors, and door frames against scratches and damage. The corners of your wall are particularly susceptible to damage when moving items around. As a preventive measure, place folded cardboard on walls and wall corners to prevent accidental scratches and chips. You can use a painter's tape to secure the cardboard on the wall so you don't have to worry about the unsightly tape marks.

Protect the floor using cardboard
Cardboard boxes have excellent protective qualities. Thick cardboard act as a cushion on areas that will have to handle the heaviest feet traffic from all the move during the day. You need cardboard to protect your floors. Fold or break apart some cardboard boxes that you won’t use for packing and position the sheets accordingly to cover the surface from dust, moisture, and mud, thus protecting your tiled, hardwood, or carpeted floors. To secure the cardboard from shifting, use painter’s tape.

Protect screens using cardboard
Another way to use corrugated cardboard is to protect TV and monitor screens against accidental scratch and breakage especially on the road to your new place. Cut out pieces of sturdy and clean cardboard, making sure it matches the size of your TV screen or monitors. Position it in such a way that it covers the entire area of the item, using painter's tape to keep it in place. You may want to use bubble wrap on top of the cardboard layer for added protection.

Protect breakables using cardboard
Fragile items, especially those with glass elements require extra protection. Keep cardboard in handy when moving a grandfather clock, a china cabinet, large mirrors, or other breakables. Again, cut it out into pieces that match the size of the fragile item you're trying to protect. Layer those cutouts over the breakable part, using a painter's tape to keep it secure.

Protect your earrings collection using cardboard
A relatively unusual method to protect your earrings, but cardboard does a good job of keeping them secure. Cut out cardboard that roughly matches the size of credit cards. Once you have a couple, take a safety pin to poke two holes in each cardboard card. Attached a pair of earrings and then use tape to secure the hooks on the other side. Once done, wrap the entire cardboard card with plastic wrap to keep it from slipping and then wrap it again using a soft paper or fabric for added protection.

Use cardboard in your new garden
Cardboard has so many practical applications in your new garden, that is if your new house has one. Use the large sheets of cardboard to sit on or kneel onto when working on your lawn. A cardboard box is also a great self-recycling container for compost. It can also be used for successful weed control. To do this, flatten out some moving boxes and position the sheets over the areas with weed problems, covering it with mulch. The heat caused by the mulch and the lack of sunshine because of the cardboard should kill the weeds along with their seeds. Problem solved!

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