7 Tips for RV Living in the Time of a Pandemic

RV Living Tips in the Time of a Pandemic

7 Tips for RV Living in the Time of a Pandemic

Life, for most of us, has been recently altered in a way we've never experienced before due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the disease it can cause. Everyone was told to stay home including those who have left their houses for the open road. For campers and full-time RVers, it could feel like someone had pulled the rug out underneath them, finding themselves worried, maybe even looking for affordable RV storage on short notice.

The dilemma is real for some because towards the latter half of March, campgrounds and RV sites everywhere, whether public and private, began to stop their operations as the state and local governments mandated such changes, and while some remained open, decided to block outside access to laundry facilities, public baths, and other public spaces.

Movement is limited and obviously, now is not the perfect time to plan and embark on a road trip especially if you're not a full-time RVer. Being isolated in the road may sound appealing, but it's important to save those spots at parks for full-time campers right now since they are so limited.

Nonetheless, whether you're a full-time RVer or just someone planning to travel in your rigs in the coming months, it's important to check your resources and know your way as you navigate your RV life during these challenging times. As such, we've gathered some handy tips to help you plan efficiently while staying safe.

Do your assignment
A successful project relies much on careful planning and research. If you must hit the road, it is important to be in the know of campground status. Now is the time to be extra meticulous with the guides and resources. Most RV campgrounds are closed right now and the numbers are increasing every day. It would be best for you to keep a record of websites where you can easily get informed of new updates regarding campgrounds and parks. You can also join online niche groups with other RVers for the sharing of tips and other helpful information.

Find land to park your rig on
If RV parks and campgrounds are no longer available, a great alternative would be to find land to shelter and park your rig on. Space or Roadlifers - Directory is a Google doc that allows people to list their land and other available spaces they're willing to let campers ride out for the meantime. Again, you can also try to check for Facebook niche groups for leads on where to offer and seek a space for RV parking. Make a shortlist of possible options then give them a call or send them a message. Reach out to them first so as to make sure they do contactless check-in and inquire about how they are with their measures in regards to handling COVID-19.

Check local campground rules and regulations
If you're planning to hit the road once again, it is important for you to check out the rules and regulations of local RV parks. A number of towns and cities like Colorado, California, and Nebraska, for example, are now getting more lenient with their rules, allowing overnight parking in some streets. Do your assignment and check if the town where you might spend an overnight at are among these areas.

Something to keep in mind
The RV life is probably one of the most laidback setups there is and RVers are a friendly group by nature, outgoing and amiable with each other at parks. Times have changed and so does the campground etiquette. Keep in mind that most people are keeping to themselves at the moment, trying to be friendly and sociable, but from a safe distance. Social-distancing is observed everywhere which includes the campgrounds so campers are advised to avoid bathhouses and laundry facilities as much as they can even though they do remain open for business.

About your laundry situation
If you don't enjoy doing the laundry before, you might find it even more challenging right now. This list of items and products should be kept in handy to make your RV life and that laundry much easier:

● Portable compact washing machine
● A non-electric alternative portable washing machine
● Washboard
● Laundry scrubber
● Collapsible wash and drain dish tub
● Basin with built-in washboard
● Tripod clothing rack
● Portable clothes dryer

Gas up
If you're an occasional RVer, one smart thing to do right now is to head up to the gas station and fill up. Gas prices are plummeting so it's a good idea to fill up the tank while you're hunkering down to hit the road.

Offer up your RV and stay home
You may also want to consider offering your unused RV to healthcare workers who'd rather stay somewhere else than risk their family's health. This is ideal for casual RVers or full-timers who have the option to stay with and hunker down with friends and family - at home. If this sounds like a great idea, then again do your research and reach out to those people and groups who are helping organize those efforts.

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