7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Self Storage Unit

7 Things to Factor in When you choose a Self Storage Unit

7 Things to Consider  When Choosing a Self Storage Unit

We like buying things — a lot. Besides, thanks to the internet, we can now shop from anywhere, anytime instead of having to go out and browse the aisles of physical shops. Accumulating quite a lot of belongings over time is not a problem in itself, but it sure is when you no longer know where to put them around, much more when you no longer have the space to place them in.

Of course, you can donate some of the items or discard those beyond repair. But what about the items you want to keep? Without ample space, where do you plan to put them?

Storage units come in handy. The concept is pretty simple: a secure storage unit is a space you rent for storing your stuff. For businesses, it's a great option if you want to declutter your workspace. You can utilize a self-storage unit by storing your important documents and files without the fear of it being stolen. A student can also take advantage of short term storage units for summer, saving you all the hassle of transporting everything back home with you.

There are so many reasons why it's smart to rent one, however, not all storage units and facilities are the same. Here's a helpful list of things you need to think about when choosing a storage unit.

Time and Duration
Rental fees for storage units are mostly on a month-to-month basis so knowing how much time you’ll need your unit for is important. Most facilities accept short-term renters, while others do require a minimum rental period. Make sure to keep this information in mind when choosing a facility.

Size matters when it comes to your choice of storage unit. Of course, the square footage of the space would be top on your list, but don’t neglect to consider the height of the ceiling as well. To help you determine what unit size you'll need, make a detailed list of the items you want to store and then see to it that they all fit both in terms of width and height. Keep in mind that the size of your unit will also factor how much rent you have to pay.

Fees and Cost
Without a doubt, cost is an important factor to consider when deciding on a storage solution. Some of the things to take note of are the type of contract, the minimum length of time requirements, and additional fees. A month-to-month storage option can be more affordable but don't forget to think about the additional fees lest you make a late payment or miss one.

A good location for your storage unit is also worth consideration. It would be smart to choose a unit nearby if you need frequent access to your items. However, the location will matter less while cost and features will matter more if you are storing your items for the summer months. Also, keep in mind that some storage unit facilities are less expensive outside of urban areas with better deals in terms of expenses.

Safety and Security
When renting out a self-storage unit, knowing how safe and secure its storage units are is crucial. Among the things you would need to check would be the in-person surveillance, security cameras, and gated entree points. Additionally, when you're doing a site visit ahead of time, see to it that the whole area is well-lit. This will not just help keep your items safe, but will also ensure you're safe as well when you go to access your items.

Temperature and features
Do you want to store your precious art pieces or your large collection of wine? A secure storage facility with climate-controlled features is a smart choice. This could mean a more expensive unit, but why not when this could also mean that all your stuff stays in tip-top shape.

Feedback and Reviews
Just as you make sure to check online reviews for a certain product, you would also want to do the same when considering a self-storage unit. Check what the community has to say about a storage facility but do keep in mind that most people who post reviews tend to be very satisfied or unhappy with their experience. The trick is to look for any emerging patterns from the community feedback - positive or negative.

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