7 Storage Spaces to Consider and Other Smart Tips for Apartment Renters

Storage Spaces to Consider and Other Smart Tips for Renters

7 Storage Spaces to Consider and Other Smart Tips for Apartment Renters

Renting an apartment isn't a walk in the park. It fact, the whole process - from dealing with brokers to building a rapport with the landlord - can be quite an ordeal. Not to mention, there's the tendency for renters to be blown away by the awesome amenities of the apartment, the pool view, and central location, thus overlooking the important facets of an apartment such as storage. You can always create space and a workaround, but that would have to depend on how comfortable you want to live and how cramped of a space you can handle. Neglecting the storage of your new apartment can be a regrettable mistake and we'd love to help you avoid such a scenario with our handy tips to add to your apartment renting checklist the next time you go house hunting!

Kitchen cabinets and drawers
Do you love to cook? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you need to consider the kitchen cabinets and drawers. You'll need all the space for dishes, pots, pans, bakeware, and other bulky appliances. Kitchen storage may not be a priority if you're not into cooking, but even then, it will do you well to l check out the cabinets and drawers for alternative non-kitchen storage uses.

Bedroom closets
It's easy to get so enamored with the big living room and all its aesthetic potential, but make sure it doesn't compromise the bedroom space. Check out the closets. A good one would have enough room not just for your wardrobe but also for storing shoes, bags, and non-clothing items that need to be tucked out of sight.

Bathroom cabinets
Take into account the storage space in the bathroom. It's where you'd be housing all your hair and skin care products, prescriptions, makeup, and other items you regularly use so having a little vanity cabinet won't do the trick.

Wall space
A commonly overlooked apartment feature, the apartment's available wall space should be taken into consideration. It may look empty but with clever storage ideas, the wall space can be turned into one of the most functional aspects of your house where you can hang racks, shelves, knife sets, pictures, and so much more.

Under the staircase
Do you prefer a 2-story apartment? Make sure to check out space under the stairs, after all, it'll be a great place to store those seasonal items, boxes, and maybe a couple of bikes.

Storage rooms
Having an extra room for storage is a good option when choosing a new apartment. Figure out if you really need all three bedrooms or you can use the smaller one to serve as an out-of-sight storage space for other items you can't fit like extra furniture or unpacked boxes. Otherwise, you may want to consider renting out a mini storage unit nearby. It's also a wise option if you are running out of space to store important but unused belongings.

Enclosed parking space
If you are lucky enough, a new apartment may also have one of those private, enclosed parking space. This garage or carport could be an ideal space for storing bulky stuff, unused furniture, and other items that won't fit into a small pad.

Make the most out of your apartment space with clever ways to store the items:

Invest in furniture storage
No one wants a cluttered space especially if it's a small one. Invest in ottomans, coffee tables, bins, and other items that are both aesthetic and functional for you to store blankets, toys, magazines, and anything else you want out of sight.

Hooked with hooks
Hooks will become your best friend if you want to utilize space. Place hooks on the back of bathroom doors or closets to hang towels, coats, purses, and belts.

Utilize fruit baskets
Hanging fruit baskets aren't just for the kitchen anymore. These efficient kitchen wonders are great for storing scarves, socks, books, pet treats, and toys as well. Simply hang them in your closet or bedroom to save up valuable floor space.

Utilize bulky items
Do you love to travel but hate your storage situation in terms of bulky luggage? A great bedroom storage idea is to stack three suitcases on top of each other and use it for a nightstand beside your bed. Bonus points if your suitcase has a vintage appeal of course.

One more thing, don't forget to ask the landlord if the building offers additional storage space for renters and if you’re able to utilize it. You need all the options to store your stuff otherwise. If this is not available, then renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit is a good alternative.

Whether you need storage space for your stuff while you get settled or have items you don’t want to bring with you but can’t say goodbye to yet, we can help. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly storage managers at Arco’s Storage by calling 800-789-STOR for more information about our storage solutions.