5 Ways to Use Crates as Home Storage

Wooden Crates Home Storage Solution Ideas

5 Ways to Use Crates as Home Storage

When it comes to home organization, there is no running out of ideas. For instance, the humble wooden crates we usually find at the markets are actually so much more than just to transport food and other items. Today, wooden crates are considered as one of the most efficient and versatile home storage solutions for many good reasons. Wooden crates can serve multiple purposes to both storage amateurs and aficionados alike. Crates can be used in the living room, at the nursery, kitchen, garden shed, and in almost all spaces in your house. If you are the crafty type, you can also tweak your wooden crates according to your taste. Rustic or modern, crates are so useful and will look great as an embellishment to your otherwise plain and boring wall or an abandoned corner.

While deciding if a self-storage unit is a better long-term solution for your storage needs, these few ideas on how to use wooden crates for both home storage and decor can do the trick.

Shoe storage - The multiple pairs of shoes that come in different sizes, forms, and colors tend to become out of control by your front door. To keep them organized and tidy easily using crates, what you need to do is stack your crates on top of each other or place them side by side. (If your household have 4 members, have 1 crate for each) You can also paint them with your preferred color or just leave it as it is. Another idea is to corral your shoes in baskets before placing them in stacked crates.

Baby room shelf - Here's a very cool space saving idea - stack or hammer a few crates onto the wall, or you could place them in a corner instead if you have extra room. Take it up a notch by painting the crates with bright and fun colors. Allow them to dry prior to filling them up with toys or books!

Bedside shelves - Wooden crates are a perfect idea if you’re looking for contemporary yet cheap multi-purpose shelves to adorn your bedroom. For a rustic look, varnish 2 crates and allow to dry prior to placing them beside your bed!

Living room centerpiece and furniture holder - This one could make its way to your favorites easily! Paint the crate with a solid color and then screw in four casters at the bottom. This becomes a very nice portable centerpiece to small-space living rooms. Jazz it up with timeless pieces and flowers and you’re all set!

Food storage - Wooden crates may just be what you need in your kitchen or your pantry to keep canned goods, chips, and other oversized items in place. Stack them up, mount on walls, or attach wheels at the bottom for portability. Your favorite bottles of wine can also sit pretty in it as well as other kitchen essentials.

Additional Tips:

- For sturdier crate storage, don't stack too many crates as they might fall apart unexpectedly.
- Screw crates together or use wood glue to make them sturdier.
- If you want to keep adding crates as you fill the shelves, use binder clips to attach them to each other. For added fun, align them however you like and voila – instant wall art!

There are just too many ways to repurpose wooden crates. Be creative and transform what seems to be a very ordinary thing into something useful and beautiful home storage solution and decor.

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