5 Handy Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Handy Tips for a Last-Minute Move

5 Handy Tips for a Last-Minute Move

Moving is a stressful process that involves tiny details and a list of individual tasks - BUT, even with that knowledge, most of us tend to underestimate things and leave everything the last minute.

Moving into a new home soon? Keep these last-minute moving tips in mind when moving quickly becomes a necessity.

The truth is, moving at the last minute has a way of making everything on your to-do list difficult to accomplish. Don't let your moving to-do list overwhelm you. Pause, take a breath and start ticking those items off the list. So, first things first, decide whether you should hire a moving company or rent a truck and if you're just going to do it by yourself or need help from professionals. Should you decide to hire movers, do some research and find a list of reputable movers in your area. If you're renting a truck, it is recommended to get quotes from two to three companies and then choose the best option right away. You don't want to delay this step because the sooner you have the logistics figured out and sorted, the sooner you can get to work on everything else.

Getting rid of the clutter and the things you don't need
When it comes to last-minute move, easy packing is the key. This means that the less you have to pack, the easier things will be. Go through every corner of your house and pull out all the items you no longer need or want. These items should then be sorted into three parts - donate, recycle, and throw away. When sorting out items, remind yourself to think about practicality instead of being sentimental. Resist the urge to pack everything and just get rid of it once you're in your new home. Save time and energy for more important things by doing this process pre-move. Once it's sorted out, you can now either get rid of them, recycle out, or drop off your donations. Used towels and linen can be dropped off at your local animal shelter and large items like furniture can be given to charity.

Your moving bag
An important last-minute moving tip to keep in mind is to put together a moving day essential bag. Fill a small duffel bag with the stuff you can't afford to misplace like important documents, medication, chargers, some toiletries, and a few extra clothes.

Keep in mind that things are likely to get messier, chaotic, and more exhausting during the moving day so it’s especially important to keep your essentials in handy.

Pack, don't panic
Packing your entire house is no easy feat and your ultimate goal here is to get all your things from your current space to your new one intact. Given the short time frame, follow these packing tips for moving in a hurry

● Pack now, sort later. Put things where they fit and don't worry too much about having a dedicated box for each kind. Yes, it's okay to pack spare light bulbs with board games just as long as everything is packed safely and securely. It's okay if you failed to label the boxes as well, but do make sure to note on a box if and when there are fragile items inside. Deal with sorting once you’re in your new home.
● Wrap breakable using soft items like towels and clean socks. This will also allow you to save money on packing supplies.
● Only set up boxes you're ready to fill in. Once a box is full, tape it, move it out of the way, and then fill up a new one. This will help keep your space as clear and manageable as much as possible.
● Pack your clothes as they are and save yourself time, energy, and boxes. Wrap a strong garbage bag around those clothes hanging in the closet starting from the bottom and then tying the bag's strings around the hangers. If it's not too heavy to move, just keep the entire drawer as is or you can also remove each drawer and just wrap it in packing materials to keep it intact.

Get all the help you can get
Moving is a big and exhausting task especially when it has to be done quickly. Turn to your family and friends for help because an extra pair of hands can make a difference. These people can assist you in getting the job done faster so don't be afraid or too shy to ask for help.

No matter how much time you have, moving is a big task and a stressful process. Just stick to some rules and get your things to your new place as safely as possible.