5 Essential Packing Supplies You Won't Get Enough Of

Packing Essentials for Moving Day

5 Essential Packing Supplies You Won't Get Enough Of

Preparing for a move or sending stuff into a self-storage unit is a big and tedious job. It would take financial, mental - and sometimes, professional preparedness to ensure a less stressful and seamless moving day. Whilst deciding on the details, it is important to take note of your essentials, specifically your packing supplies to ensure that your belongings are securely packed away for it to get to your destination safely.

It’s easy to skimp on moving supplies and underestimate how much packing materials you need, but wouldn't it be better to be over-prepared than to be underprepared and then scrambling to pack everything at the last minute? We want to avoid the latter with this rundown of moving day supplies and packing essentials to prepare for the big day.

Bubble Wrap
Buy plenty of bubble wrap before working your way through your home. Even those tiny items like a teacup, bubble wrap will keep it safe and secure than stuffing it between kitchen items or even blankets, thus protecting it from falling or bumps on the road.

It's also very easy to use, comes in rolls, ranges from small to large bubbles, and it's serrated every 12 inches so you can tear it off with ease. The small one is ideal for packing delicate and fragile items to prevent breaking. Just make sure to always wrap items with the bubble side facing inwards for the best protection. The bigger bubbles are great for moving larger and heavier objects like vases, electronics, and sculptures.

Packing Paper
Nope, not the old newspaper but the clean, white newsprint sheets that keep your items ink-free. Aside from bubble wrap, packing paper is a great option for wrapping and packing dishes and other delicate items. To provide cushioning around things like pots and dishes, crumple it up between objects. Packing paper also makes a good filler to pad-less-than-full boxes and again, since it's clean, then you don't have to wash your utensils and dishes when you unpack them.

Stretch Plastic Wraps
Cling wraps can be used to wrap and keep drawers from flying open. If you're going to stretch-wrap the whole closet drawer, let's say, you can even just leave everything in there without getting dinged up. Stretch wrap is also a great way to pack cutlery, utensil, and makeup trays and for soft furniture like chairs and couches by taking the giant-sized stretch wrap roll and wrapping it around the item to protect them from getting dirty and wet.

Moving Boxes
Heavier items like books, tools, and canned goods should be stored in small moving boxes while light items like lamp, pillow, and beddings in large boxes. Keep your boxes from getting too heavy by using a combination of small, medium, and large boxes. If you are moving, there's no point in packing a huge box that needs a handful of people to move it. As a general rule, keep things big enough that you can place real contents into them, but small enough that you can manage the box by yourself if you have to. Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items should be placed on top. You don't want to leave empty spaces in the box so use packing paper of clothes to pack boxes full so they'll stack better, more stable, and easier to move.

Heavy Duty Packing Tape.
Don't go thrifty on this part, instead be generous in your use of packing tape. Invest in a good quality tape that will stick to your box. It may cost you a few bucks more but they are also going to be the stickiest. Remember to tape down the middle part and a few extra strips on the side of the box for extra support. Use a tape gun as well to save up on time.

Having all of these extra moving day supplies will need a place to stay while you work your way through the packing process. Plan where you want to store them. Create a designated countertop or a specific cabinet so that everyone knows where to go for more bubble wrap, packing paper, or boxes.

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