10 Decluttering, Organization, and Storage Tips to Go Green at Home

Eco-Friendly Decluttering, Organization, and Storage Tips

10 Decluttering, Organization, and Storage Tips to Go Green at Home

Admit it, we all have been wanting to start organizing and decluttering our room and home for a while now. But with all the stuff that we have to organize, we sometimes get overwhelmed and end up not knowing how and where to start. Most of the time, not being able to start anything at all.

The question is: Why declutter?

Decluttering is more than just creating aesthetic visuals for your home or personal space. It is an important aspect that concerns your mental and physical health. Practicing it made people feel healthier and more productive, having known the difference between what is truly needed from what they want. It will also help them to be more at ease — with a view of the bigger picture of the great things ahead.

With that in mind, here are 10 decluttering, organization, and storage tips to get by while caring for the environment.

Plan Ahead
A good way to get started is to think of and imagine the clean and organized room you want to live in. Try laying out a few designs, schedule tables on what and where to start first, and look at some organized room pictures to inspire you — it will boost your motivation and mood to start your project. But, don’t get too deep in just imagining things and instead start doing. Now, cue cleaning music!

Be cool with the papers
Still not paperless? That’s Okay. You can still care for the environment and reduce your consumption of paper. One way is by piling up your used papers and putting them all together in one place. This way, you'll know exactly where to look for that notepad when a small task comes in hand.

• Pro-tip 1: The next time you jot down something and made a mistake - stop! Do not crumple the paper and instead, put it aside to add to your pile of used papers.
• Pro-tip number 2: Start using mobile apps when writing to reduce your paper use and for an easier way of saving information and recovery.

Start with your own decluttered zone
Trying to declutter and organize a whole 100 square meter room could be tedious for a single person, so a good trick is to start with on a smaller scale. Begin at your desk or workspace, kitchen counter, or wardrobe. What matters is you have started your plan. In a week or two, you can expand your clutter zone to a bigger space, and the next thing you know, you are out of the house organizing your garden. Remember, baby steps are not baby steps forever.

Go Green
Big plants belong in the garden, but if you want to add an eco-friendlier atmosphere to your room, you can start bringing in some small plants that fit your counter, work table, or bedside table. Some have used houseplants such as succulents and small cacti for hassle-free plant care. These indoor plants will bring a greener and fresher side to your home and is known to have health benefits along.

A family affair
If you have kids, you can help and teach them to put back their toys in their boxes, how to properly segregate waste, and how to fold their clothes. You can also engage them in gardening with you and give them one area to maintain and keep a plant. This will motivate them to take care of it more. It's quite exciting to watch those planters grow, what more for the kids! These good housekeeping skills will help you in trying to organize your home, at the same time teaching your kids valuable skills.

Try eco-friendly fashion
Eco-friendly fashion will not just help you to save the environment but your hard-earned money as well. When decluttering, try to think of the other possible ways to use the clothes that are already out of season and then repurpose it into something that can help reduce the waste of used fabric and chemicals used in the production of brand-new clothes. A fun way to love eco-friendly fashion is to use it as an outlet of your style and making it more personal. Try it and make it your personal statement shirt.

Recreate and reuse
With a little creativity, some of the stuff we have at home can be remodeled into something else. These will lessen the amount of waste we dispose of and adds beauty to our home. So instead of throwing out your old glass jars, you can design it and turn it into a cute and beautiful flower vase for your office table or turn your old shirts to a colorful tablecloth.

Make it a habit
Organizing and cleaning is not a one-day task, it is a continuous job that we regularly need to do. You can give it a weekly try, or if you are really busy, a monthly decluttering will do. Keeping a clean space is important for soothing your busy mind.

Learn to love the art of decluttering and organizing while being eco-friendly
Loving your craft and the work you do helps you to do it better and better each time you're at it. While cleaning and organizing, why not sing your heart out to your favorite songs (don’t worry, your neighbor will understand)? Take photos and videos, nurture your greens, and enjoy the results that you will see after.

Self-storage — A Handy Solution
Using used small boxes and assigning it as a station for each item is a cool way to organize your home. These DIY mini storage solutions help keep everything clean and sorted. However, some may still not get into the full hang of organizing and decluttering because of memories some household items have. Others may find it hard to dispose of a certain piece of furniture or an appliance considering they might need it again. A smart solution would be to opt for self-storage. It makes decluttering a hassle-free task when you can store your items with future potential and having it back again when you need it and just the way you left it.

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